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2013. The 4th China chengdu international professional audio lighting fair
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Guangzhou huayang stage lighting audio equipment factory latest survey, pay close attention to the exhibition more update information, huayang lighting will share tongren with all our customers the first time!

2013 4th China chengdu international professional audio, lighting show in August 3-5, 2013 in chengdu century city new international exhibition center.

Time: August 3-5, 2013 in chengdu century city new international exhibition center

Support: the Chinese electronic society of sichuan sichuan electronic society

Organization: sichuan institute of electronic audio engineering branch of sichuan new zoomlion exhibition service co., LTD

Co-host: show entertainment industry association of sichuan province in western sichuan theater performances alliance alliance (field)

Palace chengdu in sichuan province chengdu show (group) the company chengdu performing arts association

Stage of sichuan province fine arts association

To undertake: sichuan new zoomlion exhibition service co., LTD

Highlights of pieces in the last

Sponsored by sichuan province cultural department support, sichuan entertainment industry association, sichuan institute of electronic audio engineering branch, new zoomlion exhibition company and sichuan exhibition service co., LTD. Jointly organized 2012 the 3rd China chengdu international professional audio, lighting fair at December 7-9, 2012 in chengdu, the new exhibition center was held successfully. Sichuan CPC inspector Mr ChengZongYi, provincial theater (field) western union President, Peng Gupan league secretary-general, province show exhibition company general manager, director of the sichuan institute of electronic audio engineering branch of Yang Changchun Wang Tianming, secretary-general and other leaders attended the event.

The exhibition attracted a total from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and other countries and domestic enterprise of more than 160 exhibitors (agent) on the exhibition area of 8000 square meters. , according to the organizing committee of the exhibition with more than 12000 people in the audience during the event, including more than 6000 professional buyers, more than 2000 performing arts industry association members and industry professionals, academics and nearly 3000 residents, 1000 colleges and universities.

Conference, the organizing committee also special arrangement during the six new music instruments performance and exhibitors seminar activities, access to the citizens and exhibitor's widespread high praise. Period, exhibitors in addition to show the enterprise image and live demonstrations, some enterprises also accepted buyer's order and sample sales, according to statistics, site accept sales and order and intention of engineering sales of more than 60 million contracts. In pieces exhibition outlook in 2013

2013 4th chengdu international professional sound and lighting exhibition area is expected to reach 20000 square meters, the exhibition (agent) of 300 enterprises, professional audience of 20000 people. To the exhibition in China after Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, the central and western regions largest and most influential trade show.

In pieces the schedule

Move-in time: 1 - August 2, 2013 (9:00-18:00, the last day of the delay to 21:00)

Show time: August 3-5, 2013, (9, 15 and 16, 30, at noon without rest)

Move-in date: August 5, 2013, 14:00 (start)

In pieces at the same time wonderful activities

1, the sichuan institute of electronic audio engineering branch of academic conference in 2013;

2, seminar for 2013 television lighting technology;

3, professional audio technology exchange meeting held and appreciation will be new products.

4, hosting many outdoor line array demonstration, instruments performance and so on.

Mixer target audience

The government departments; Sound, lighting engineering company; Import and export trade business; Agents/distributors; Sound, lighting, stage equipment, materials, accessories manufacturers; Airport, station, performing arts center (sporting venues, cinemas and theatres), large amusement parks, hotels, clubs, clubs, concert halls, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment places; , real estate, municipal gardens; Radio, television, performing arts groups; Colleges and universities, teaching, scientific research and society; Acoustics, vocal music lovers and so on.

In pieces exhibition scope

Professional audio equipment and technology, all kinds of professional audio equipment, radio/audio/sound/amplifier/conference/electronic/video/simultaneous interpretation/karaoke system, studio equipment, video equipment, professional with a microphone, a variety of ways on console mixers, speaker, professional with a tape recorder, power amplifier, MIDI devices, digital delay timer/reverberator/frequency shift, frequency divider/equalizer/noise, audio accessories and peripheral equipment, audio equipment/connectors/cable (a)/electric disk/parts, etc.;

Professional stage lighting technology and equipment, stage light, dimmer series equipment, stage lighting, with all kinds of lamps, lighting system, all kinds of lighting, lighting accessories, etc.; LED display, LED curtain, LED lamp, LED floor brick, LED back light, LED the three-dimensional light-emitting word, LED components and materials, LED encapsulation/module.

Stage machinery and equipment: insulation waterproof curtain, curtain, electronically controlled hand/derrick, lift orchestra pit special activities car table, rotary table, stage, stage monitor intercom, etc.;

Intelligent control technology, sound and lighting intelligent control system, wiring system, network system, software and hardware, etc

Architectural acoustics material: sound absorption structure, material, equipment, etc

Damping materials, air conditioning system of the muffler, acoustic sound engineering design, consulting and environmental assessment, acoustic measurement instruments and testing equipment, both pieces amplification in the building design and equipment exhibition

1. According to the requirements of participation contract format fill out the form by fax to the organizing committee after affix one's seal, the organizing committee shall become effective upon the seal back. Exhibitors application within one week after application pay 50% booth right circumstances or all fee, the rest of the fees must be paid in July 5, 2013.

2. The exhibitors of the participant in six space 54 square meters) or more standard booths, and give priority to arrange prominently, first register, first pay, first arranged;

3. Participation of the unit, please register as soon as possible, and to provide information concerning company or product introduction, the organizer will through the electronic network, published in the bulletin of the exhibition is sent to users around the country, purchaser, early registration and benefit;

4. About the report, the arrangement of the exhibition, exhibits transportation, accommodation and other business matters, the organizer before July 10, 2013 exhibitors to provide "exhibition service guide" and other conference materials;

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