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The 11th guangzhou professional audio lighting exhibition refreshes the previous
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The 11th China (guangzhou) international professional audio lighting exhibition celebrated 922 exhibitors, and 48361 people from 93 countries and regions to visit. Exhibition by guangdong international technology trade exhibition company (guangdong branch exhibition) together with frank jianzhang, exhibition, on March 9 to 12, held in the China import and export fair pazhou hall.

Guangdong international science and technology trade exhibition company chairman Mr Wu Hanrong for attendance record was very encouraging: "this year's domestic and overseas audiences are posted double digit growth, rose by 11.3 and 21% respectively. We have been building exhibition is committed to become a leading exhibition industry base in south China, this success is the best feedback. We strive to"

Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD., senior general manager Mr Cao Jiansheng added: "we are pleased to see the exhibitors are welcome frank jianzhang, cooperation with guangdong branch exhibition, exhibition on part and the overall quality of exhibitors in the exhibition more excited."

Domestic leading trade platform in the industry from all walks of life consistent praise highly

Show China based industry base in the professional audio and lighting industry ─ ─ guangzhou, its geographical advantages attracted many manufacturers in guangdong province and surrounding areas, expanding the international market is an important window.

France Chromateq company participated for the first time, and take the lead in exhibit its latest product ─ ─ ProDMX software have audio and video synchronization function, the product will be officially launched in April. Vianney, general manager of Mr Bourjot said: "this event is very important to us. We have to show the new products, to meet with the old customers, and access to potential new partners. This few days I received many queries, including Europe, India, Malaysia and Thailand and other parts of the buyer."

In addition to the right place, exhibition period is in a rush, time is, the enhancement enterprise participation intention. Guangzhou create beauty electronics co., LTD. Manager liu said: "this is a customer contact and the target buyers, the perfect timing. Most of them come to looking for new products, to prepare for the best in May and June order."

Frank jianzhang, exhibition and guangdong branch exhibition set up new partnerships, confidence for the exhibitors. King brand one of the largest audio equipment, sound companies in the exhibition display its microphone bracket of patents, the company on behalf of Mr YuFeng said: "when we know frank jianzhang exhibition will be held in guangzhou international professional audio lighting exhibition, immediately decided to exhibition. We believe that the two cooperation can improve quality of the exhibition, to attract more audience."

Sennheiser China agent brocade art international development co., LTD., professional audio division general manager Mr Feng Huitang think alike, he said: "the exhibition of influence of the industry, and large scale year after year. Frank jianzhang exhibition after joining, I hope can be in the fair and meet more international brands and overseas companies."

Also have exhibitors, meanwhile, think this exhibition provides a good chance to raise awareness, harman professional audio is one of them. Ms harman's marketing and communications manager penning said that the purpose of this exhibition is to promote its brand JBL. She said: "we are focused on marketing in China for the first time introduced DVD320 entertainment sound systems, believe that the exhibition could help us open the door to this huge market. We have contacted with many professional buyers from domestic entertainment industry."

Products and meet the sourcing requirements

Exhibition brings together 922 not only with professional audio, lighting equipment, LED products and technologies and entertainment industry exhibitors, also ushered in the professional buyers from all over the world.

From India Midnight Blues Ashu of Mr Kohl said: "everything that you need something can be found here. This time I from guangzhou supplier found a stage lighting products."

Australia Smart Digital director of Australia, Mr James Cunningham to visit for the first time feel very surprise, he said: "I will only do online purchase, but I can be a direct dialogue with suppliers in this exhibition, the search for the ideal product. I just can find the right outdoor audio products system suppliers."

Mr DJ Box represents Mark Fay said: "for me, it is important to understand the development of China's industry. Don't waste the trip this time, I find the latest Chinese speakers, mixers, and power amplifier system."

Mr Samuel from Colombia Ciberlight company manager Mr. Velandia added: "here are all kinds of lighting products, LED by the stage lights, laser system, everything is my ideal purchasing platform."

As far away as America's Legacy of Music Distribution on behalf of Mr Jan Sitoe said: "the exhibition every year. This year jianzhang, exhibition organizers to frank, I'm sure I will bring the exhibition more international famous brand, open up more business opportunities."

Domestic buyers, changzhou Fu Gang Jin Lundong intelligence intelligent system integration co., LTD. Deputy general manager, said: "the show really very big, I have met here quite a number of the strength of the domestic professional audio manufacturers, and look forward to further cooperation with them."

Close to the industry dynamics over the same period activity enlightenment business opportunities

Activities enrich the exhibition period, the workshop, BBS and promotion seminar revealed the latest industry trends and a series of business opportunities.

Television lighting technology seminar held on March 8 to 10, aimed at encouraging TV industry tongren communicate with each other. Guangdong TV production and deputy director of the company deputy general manager Mr He Weicheng activity highly: "activity analyses the latest development trend of the technology of television lighting, is of great benefit to our business. After the seminar we directly to the exhibition to collect market information, looking for new products and business partners and visit, fully staffed."

In order to strengthen the exhibitors the opportunity to communicate with buyers, and exhibition hc360 cooperation with trade web site, on their first day seminar held "automobil buyers group" products. Buyer Mr Yu Gongping is heart to heart electronic storage company ─ ─ engaged in KTV and professional audio equipment rental and distribution companies, he comments: "the activity is very perfect, it provides a very convenient platform, let us know a lot of different suppliers, understand the latest products and technology on the market."

Community gave association member congress and 2013 of guangdong, guangdong province, show show will be held on March 10, market order, for large industry tongren support to attend.

Mr Guangdong association secretary-general He Weiqing community gave at the meeting said: "China (guangzhou) international professional audio lighting exhibition is an ideal venue to hold the general assembly, members can know the market development trend, exchange of technical information, in the industrial base for new products. I'm looking forward to the guangdong branch exhibition further enhance cooperation with frank jianzhang, exhibition exhibition profile, makes the exhibition promotion industry event in the international market."

Demonstration all-weather outdoor line array for four days, 23 leading brand of the sound system. Involved in brand including Audiocentre (ole), BOB - AUDIO, Classic Sound, CVR, DEA coustics, ERIC (g) radium, FDB, FINESPL, IBO, JAZZPRO (Sir), King Sound, NEWRLL nivola (China), QANON, Realsound) (red ear, Realsound Technis, RVS, Senwong (King), Tasso Aual, TPA (treasure stereo), WAVK, XYCAD, ZSOUND and 3 bdio.

The next China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting audio will be in the spring of 2014 was held in the China import and export fair pazhou hall

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